Employee Recognition E-Book Mockup
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Guide to Employee Recognition E-Book Redesign

CLIENT: Eagle Recognition

DATE: 2017

TASKS: Digital Layout, Print

This client approached me with an eight page document that they wanted to be formatted as an e-book in order to increase readability. 

Original Document

With the constant advancement of technology, people are easily distracted. We live in a time where 35% of people will abandon a website if they have to wait more than 2-3 seconds for it to load. I can imagine how many people took one look at this dissertation and and disregard it. The document is very visually exhausting with nonexistent imagery and color and lack of any real visual hierarchy to help guide the reader’s eyes.

Redesigned E-Book

There was so much information to format and I knew I had to capture the reader’s attention immediately. I used a lot medium pinks along with medium grays for contrast. I used big bold fonts that were immediately eye-catching combined with smaller, high contrasting subtitles to increase visual hierarchy. I used a pull quotes, icon info boxes, and interesting imagery in order to make the reader feel not so overwhelmed by the amount of copy while reading.

Guide to Employee Recognition Redesigned Page