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Eagle Recognition Mascot Redesign

CLIENT: Eagle Recognition

DATE: 2017

TASKS: Custom Illustration, Animation

Eagle Recognition is an employee rewards and recognition engagement company. Their mascot, Buddy the Eagle, is used to engage and encourage internal employees as well as serve as an ambassador when interacting with external customers. Buddy was mainly used in the company’s e-card system where he would be engaged in activities pertaining to specific holidays.

The owner of the company expressed interest in giving Buddy an update. Since the Buddy design the client has was a stock image also used by other companies, I advised that a redesign would be the best course of action.

Original Mascot & E-Cards

The original design for Buddy the Eagle was taken from a stock image. Since this was not an original design that was exclusive to the company, they had no way to pose or otherwise make necessary edits to the character. Buddy was limited to using the variations of the same generic pose waving his wing. On top of that, the same image was used by another company where they called him Sammy the Eagle.

Redesigned Mascot & E-Cards

Since the Fourth of July was quick approaching, I decided to design Buddy with a fitting theme. I noticed the owner and the employees seemed to like the cartoonish style of the original Buddy, so I decided to stay fairly close to that style. I started out with an initial sketch to be approved by the owner. Once I receive approval, I proceeded to clean up the lines and add color. The redesign was well received and I was commissioned to create variations for other holidays as well.

Additional Poses

The company requested that I create Buddy without a theme for general usage. They also noticed that I had done away with the gold chain, a change which was well-received. However, they wanted to add something so that Buddy could be easily identified as the Eagle Recognition mascot. I suggested either a t-shirt or an employee name badge. After a short deliberation, the company decided on the name badge. I posed Buddy in various poses according to the company’s needs.